Pooping a Crime. Jumping Fine.

You see in the picture on the bottom right it looks like I'm about to let it rip! Which would probably cause a huge Tsunami. Luckily for the Rimini folk, I'm in fact collecting momentum to execute the kamikaze jump seen in the picture to the left. Unlike others, I do read signs where in bold it says: Pooping a crime. Jumping fine.

Hair fertilizer a.k.a. extensions

Africans know their stuff when it comes to hair. From short to long overnight. This is a great example of how the finest hair fertilizer in the country work. Magic!

19 going on 40


You Only live Once

I can be so impulsive... but, you only live once.

No Camera. Hands Free.

Posing without my camera in the one hand feels so strange now that I've gotten so used to it. As you can see I barely even know what to do with my hands. One hand always happened to land by my crotch and it looks like I need to pee. But rest assured, my bladder was perfectly at ease. 

Thursdays- the best days


Blitz Blitz Blitz

Last night's outfit! I went to a gay event at a club called Blitz and the people there were the true representation of the word DIVA. I loved, loved, loved how everyone dared to go all out and wear whatever their hearts desired. And let me tell you, their hearts desire, buckets full of glitter, false lashes the length of an arm, bidazzled and glammed out props and massive amounts of make up. This was an experience I will cherish. More photos are yet to come! 

Blood-Red Suede Heels

Say hello to my little friends. I will most probably only be able to wear these once... if lucky, twice. For 100kr, worth it! I get butterflies in my tummy everytime I see them in my closet. True love guys, true love. 

Fingernail Rehab

Me: "Hi my name is Tuli and I'm a nail biter"
The group: "Hi Tuli"
For others this might not mean anyhing but... I HAVE NAILS! For a serious fingernail biter this is some major progress. My nails have transformed from squares to rectangles! Proud!* 
I think it's time to treat myself with some new chunky rings and awesome new nail polish to show off my new rectangles.  

Edits: Before And After

The things I do when I'm bored.... have a long debate with myself aloud and amongst other things MAKE PSYCHEDELIC SHORTS! I bought these shorts at the market for 9kr and each stud for 2kr so in total it cost me 23kr to make shorts that sell for about ten times that amount in stores. Not bad, not bad at all. Too bad their season has passed. More edits to come!

OMG it's doing things to my face!

Today I introduced the boys to the legendary Photo booth on an Apple Mac. They absolutely loved it. Their eyes were practically glued to the screen for twenty minutes making all sorts of silly faces and laughing themselves half to death.
The funniest part of it all was that now and again they would hesitate and become unsure as to if they'd suddenly changed form in reality. So they would take a minute to run the mirror in the bathroom to examine themself. Once they were assured that they hadn't changed they would scream "Tuli, did you know, I'm OK! Really. There's absolutely nothing wrong with my face." and go back to laughing their butts off. 

"Tuli, weisst du"

Yesterday I recieved a comment sayig: "EY! You have to write a post om vad du gör därborta."
First things first, I must just applaud you for your amusing Svengelska. Mycket good gjört of you.
So, you wanna know what I'm doing here... I am currently working as an au pair here in Berlin. I normally work from 16:00-20:00 fetching the kids from school and keeping them occupied until it's bedtime. There you have it. That's what I do.
Oh and one more thing: another one of my tasks is to listen to them say "Tuli, weisst du" / "Tuli, did you know" roughly 70 times a day without loosing my sanity. Quite a challenge.
For the life of me I cannot understand why instead of saying: Tuli I drew this picture today.
They insist on saying: Tuli, DID YOU KNOW that I drew this picture today. 
No child, I did not know that but thank you for informing me.

Worth the Wait

I cannot even begin to express how much time effort and energy went into making my blog wider. URL codes can be such a pain in the arse!! I challanged myself to put my blogging on hold until I managed to get it juuust right. Challenge completed. OR I might just be using that as a cover up for my laziness. This shall forever stay a mystery. 
Outfit of the day and as you can see there's a sneak peak of my new insanely high heels. Close up, soon to come. 

White Trash @ Rosenthaler Platz

Pose.  Chug.  Confetti.  Brazilian guy.  Drama.   Becks Beer.  Aussies.  JOEL.  Reunion.  Lost cardigan.  Found cardigan.  Love triangle.  Pringles.  Brrr.  Rain.  Midnight snack.  Fight.  Blood.  5€.  Show.  Hoochy Mammas.  Paper bed.  Sunflower.  Rain.  Hiding place.  Fail.  Mumford and sons.  No pain no brain.  Live.  Topless.  U8.  Arm ring.  Front row.  Strip.  Stage.  Vans.  Tracks.  Horns.

Kodak Moments

Last night was great! There was confettii!! A party with confetti can never go wrong. NEVER! More info will be posted but for now, my randezvous with my Popolino awaits. 

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